Interpret Brasil joins in the fight against the new coronavirus

The world is going through a crisis of extraordinary proportions, involving various walks of life, such as the health of the community, the economy and social relations. However, at Interpret Brasil, we understand that a time of crisis is also an opportunity for unity and collaboration with society and with everyone involved in our sector.

As part of our social responsibility, we have acted quickly since the beginning of the pandemic in Brazil, both with our direct employees and with outside society. Even in the face of the extreme impact suffered by the translation and, especially, the interpretation sector, with thousands of canceled events, we at Interpret Brasil kept our technical and administrative staff in operation, seeking new ways of acting and reinforcing investments in the remote interpretation sector, or RSI, as it is known. Thus, in addition to contributing socially to the business continuity of our client portfolio, we have largely succeeded in minimizing the economic impacts on the business and, thus, maintaining the same contracted team and the relationship with suppliers. In this way, we were able to go through this serious crisis without increasing the impact on the numbers of global layoffs, whether of interpreters, technicians, sales and other sectors of the company, thus contributing to greater socioeconomic and mental well-being of our employees and stakeholders.


Also, in São Paulo we launched the Interpret Brasil Studio, a great hub for remote interpretation, Lives, Telework environment open to professional interpreters so that they could have a space for the continuity of their activities. A space with all the amenities, services and, mainly, the sanitary safety measures necessary for the exercise of activities in a pandemic moment like the current one.

External actions

Also, within the framework of Interpret Brasil’s social responsibility, we launched a support front to help fight the coronavirus. All of our employees immediately joined the initiatives for the production of hygiene products, including alcohol gel distribution, as well as natural soaps, made with fruit seeds, dried herbs, coffee, honey, etc. In addition, more than 1,000 face masks were produced and distributed to Health Care professionals at public hospitals in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and others cities in different states in Brazil.  All of these products were distributed in UBS (Basic Health Units) in the South Zone of São Paulo, among members of the community where Interpret Brasil is located and also among its employees and suppliers.

The donation actions to combat the pandemic are part of Interpret Brasil’s value creation model, which states that the company goes beyond its productive activity, promoting the return to its stakeholders, which ultimately generates shared value.



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