3 reasons why your company needs excellent translation management

High quality, lower prices and better deadlines. It seems to be “more of the same”, but, it´s not. Instead, it´s a full understanding of processes and technologies to ensure that your translation services reach a higher level.


The importantce of working with a translation management specialist

The most important aspect of excellent translation management is having a partner in the field with the necessary knowledge on tools, terms, professionals, in short, a multitude of fundamental know-how to leverage your project. Your company may have its own translation department or outsource– the service completely, but relying on an independent company specialized in translation management, throughout the process, is essential and guarantees agility, quality and cost savings.

The translation flow at Interpret Brasil:

  1. Document analysis;
  2. Choice of professionals qualified for the job;
  3. Document preparation;
  4. Translation;
  5. Proofreading;
  6. Review;
  7. Localization (when necessary);
  8. Final formatting.

From the initial analysis to the final formatting, this process encompasses several different translators and reviewers, subject matter experts, generating 3 fundamental results for the business:

1) High quality:

For companies with a regular translation project demand, it is important that translated documents match the original documents in terms of quality. The styles, formats and terminology used throughout must be consistent in a specific document and across all documents used by the company or sector. At Interpret Brasil, proofreading and revision work is conducted by experts who thoroughly understand the subject at hand, whether medical, legal, pharmaceutical, engineering or other sectors.

As an example, translation and interpretation in the medical and pharmaceutical sector requires specialized technical and scientific knowledge. Translators and interpreters working in these areas master the specialties, areas and sectors of application, as well as knowledge of typical documents in the field (medical analyses, clinical studies, reports, tests, technical specifications, equipment, medical articles and others). We have these professionals at Interpret Brasil and our portfolio has encompassed several clients in this industry for years.

2) Price reduction:

Robust management focused on your company, and exclusive to your project will certainly reduce translation costs without sacrificing quality. We use current technology to create and maintain a database containing all documents previously translated for and approved by your company to guarantee speed, consistency, quality, and style, without the need for rework. However, one of the main advantages, especially in times of restrictions and uncertainties, is the reduction of costs with quality assurance.

Once the project and available budget are analyzed, initial consulting includes a presentation of the findings and points for improvement, specifically detailing the project’s action items and estimated cost savings. This direct and transparent approach, combined with the use of comprehensive technical, academic and technological knowledge, provides your company with advance knowledge on what you are “buying” so you can then decide how to best allocate your investment.

3) Better deadlines:

Time is a critical factor in this globalized world of exponential growth. With a specialized translation management partner, documents will be ready increasingly faster, without sacrificing quality or increasing costs.

In short:

At Interpret Brasil, our high quality translators have extensive experience and work collaboratively to employ the most modern document management and translation software available on the market. We have been delivering results to companies in  Brazil and abroad, both in written technical translation and interpretation services, for over 20 years.

We are not a translation agency, but a group of professional translators working under the principles of collaborative economics. We are senior professionals who deliver excellent results at a fair price, with the greater purpose of contributing to a better, more equitable, diverse, and green world, much more united by efficient communication. We are a creative and proactive group in constant search of new challenges to become better people and professionals.

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